Público was founded in 2007 as a modern left-wing daily and initially had close ties with the left wing of the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party (PSOE). Since 20I2 it has been published online only. In 2014 the website also began broadcasting the TV programmes of several politicians of the newly founded left-wing party Podemos (e.g. La Tuerka). Many former Público editors have gone on to launch their own new websites (e.g. eldiario.es and La Marea).

Political orientation Left-wing
Frequency of publication several times a week
Visits 40.000.000 – 50.000.000
Online payment model All content for free
Location Madrid, Spain
Publisher Mediapubli S.L.
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 2007
Address C/ Caleruega, 102, 1ª, 28033 Madrid
Phone 0034 918 38 76 41
Email opinion@publico.es
Twitter @publico_es