The Voxpublica blog portal belongs to Realitatea TV. This media trust has changed hands frequently in recent years and its political orientation has varied accordingly. One of the main shareholders in Realitatea TV is political analyst Cosmin Gușă, who has served a variety of parties in the past. In the summer of 2016 Gușă announced that the broadcaster had run into financial difficulties. Many authors have since left Voxpublica, and the few who remain work without pay to keep the portal in operation.

Frequency of publication Updated on an irregular basis
Online payment model All content for free
Location Bucharest, Romania
Publisher Realitatea TV
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 2009
Address Soseaua Bucuresti - Ploiesti, nr. 172 - 176, corp A, etaj 3, cam. 5 (cladirea Willbrook), sector 1, Bucuresti, cod 013686
Phone 0040 72 29 19 32 5
Twitter @voxpublica