Conservatives win election in Cyprus

The conservative Disy party won Cyprus's parliamentary election on Sunday. It supports the incumbent president Nikos Anastasiades and the austerity policy he has implemented in recent years. What do the election results tell us?

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Cyprus Mail (CY) /

Opposition failed with populism

As far as the liberal Cyprus Mail is concerned the only competent party in the country has won:

“All opposition parties have resorted to the familiarly, irresponsible populist rhetoric, advocating more state spending as well as the lowering of taxes. … Countering this shameful populism, which shows opposition parties learned nothing from the past’s gross mismanagement of state funds that led to bankruptcy and recession, is DISY, the only political party that stands for prudent management of the economy and rational policy choices. And the truth is that DISY, by its consistent support of the government, deserves much of the credit for the fact that Cyprus had successfully exited the assistance programme, the economy is on a recovery path, budget deficits have been phased out, the public debt is under control and modest growth is being recorded.”

Simerini (CY) /

No party has cause to rejoice

All of the parties have come out losers because the voter turnout of 66.8 percent was even lower than in 2011, Simerini believes:

“Instead of wondering why 33 percent of voters punished them by staying away, last night party members either celebrated supposed victories or found excuses for their lack of success. ... The only thing the leaders should do now is take a sober look in the mirror and ask themselves what responsibility they bear for the fact that society has turned its back on the party system. ... They should be looking for ways to modernise and democratise the country, and seeking closer ties with the people. They should be redefining the relationship between politics, political representatives and society - above all the younger generation.”