Shitstorm over Kevin Spacey

Star actor Kevin Spacey is facing numerous allegations that he sexually harassed young men. An apology he issued in connection with one alleged case of harassment, in which he also came out as gay, has drawn harsh criticism from colleagues. Not all commentators agree with the criticism.

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To Vima (GR) /

Timing couldn't be worse

The timing of Kevin Spacey's coming out is worse than unfortunate, To Vima criticises:

“The fact that Spacey has chosen now of all times to come out - just as he's being accused of sexually harassing a minor - doesn't really help either him or other homosexuals. Because his statements only help those who are obsessed with the view that homosexuality and paedophilia are closely connected. Therefore it's not surprising that the most virulent reactions to his revelations have come from the gay scene. Spacey could have chosen to reveal his sexual preferences whenever he wanted to. ... Unfortunately he chose the worst time imaginable: namely when he had his back against the wall.”

Duma (BG) /

Scandalous treatment of a superstar

It's simply unacceptable for Netflix to stop producing the "House of Cards" series and for the Emmy Academy not to honour Spacey for his life's work on the basis of unsubstantiated accusations, Duma argues:

“After all, such awards are given for professional accomplishment and it's absurd to annul them as soon as someone decides to accuse Spacey of an unprovable offence that lies so far back in the past that people can barely remember them at all. Just because he's come out or someone has set a trap for him doesn't mean that his film roles and outstanding acting talent are any less valuable. This whole scandal only shows how the US film industry works and what lies behind the multi-million dollar contracts and the stars' billboard smiles.”