Is Macron fulfilling France's expectations?

France's newly elected president promised a fresh start to a scandal-weary public in May 2017. The media take a critical look at how well he's managed to win back the confidence of the French.

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Le Figaro (FR) /

People's patience soon at an end

Macron's party La République en Marche has fared less well in two by-elections for the French National Assembly than it did in the legislative elections last year. People want to actually see changes, Le Figaro contends:

“Emmanuel Macron is 'lucky ' enough to face opposition politicians who have a hard time making themselves heard and unions that have a hard time mobilising the masses. He's got far more to worry about from the French themselves. While many have adopted a wait-and-see stance since the presidential elections, how long will that last? If the reforms that have been introduced or announced - for more jobs, buying power, and public security - fail to bear fruit, impatience could get the upper hand and confidence dwindle. Too many promises have been forgotten in the past for voters to be duped again this time around.”

Les Echos (FR) /

Lower class harder to win over

A recent survey shows that the French people's trust in politicians is slow in bouncing back. So far Macron has only been able to convince the well-off, while the rest are waiting for results, the business paper Les Echos writes:

“The second circle is that of the true middle classes: they tend to wait, they logically want to see concrete results and are sensitive to the evolution of their buying power. This is what is making the government anxious: will they feel the effects of the social contributions reform at the end of January, which are generally positive for employees? The third circle and the most far removed from the centre is that of the resigned or angry non-voters and losers of globalisation. ... The fight against the French plight will take a long, long time.”