Czech Republic loses three soldiers in Afghanistan

Three Czech Nato soldiers have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan. President Zeman offered his condolences to the victims' families and called for renewed vigour in the fight against international terrorism. The Czech Republic has 250 soldiers stationed in Afghanistan as part of the international military presence in the country. Czech media lambaste commentaries that deny that the soldiers are heroes.

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Hospodářské noviny (CZ) /

Extremists refuse to pay their last respects

Hospodářské noviny is annoyed by the irreverent comments coming from the far left and far right:

“Almost all the politicians offered their condolences to the relatives and paid tribute to the soldiers who risked their lives to serve our country. The Okamura party and the Communists were the only ones who didn't. They made abhorrent and cynical comments, above all towards the families of the fallen soldiers. A family member dies serving his country and someone comes along and says that he shouldn't have been there at all, that his death was unnecessary, that he wasn't a hero but a common soldier. Where is the reverence? These two extreme parties account for almost 20 percent of the electorate. And perhaps these voters take a similar view of the tragedy.”

Denik (CZ) /

Every soldier in Afghanistan is a hero

Every soldier on the Afghanistan mission deserves respect, Denik comments:

“From a military point of view they face an extreme risk because the mission isn't a combat operation but serves instead to support the Afghan security forces. All those who survive are heroes, not just those who have fallen. No one has a military solution at the ready for Afghanistan. The living conditions of the Afghan civilian population worsen as soon as the intervening armies start to leave the country. The Afghans are grateful to the soldiers - including ours - for helping them to defend themselves and ensuring at least a modicum of law and order.”