After 2014, the independent Moscow-based TV channel was only able to operate online and relied on subscriptions for funding. In early March 2022 it was blocked by the Russian authorities. Dozhd discontinued its operations and many of its employees left the country. In July 2022, the old team in Riga went back on air with a Youtube programme, using a Latvian licence under the name TV Rain (3.7 million subscribers, November 2022). In December 2022, the Latvian media regulator revoked Dozhd's broadcasting licence because a map showing Crimea as part of Russia had been featured on one of its programmes and one of its presenters had referred to the Russian armed forces as "our army".

Political orientation Critical of the government
Frequency of publication Daily
Online payment model All content for free
Location Riga, Russia
Publisher SIA "TV RAIN"
Established 2010
Address Meža prospekts 40, Rīga, LV-1014
Phone 00371 316 812 74 087
Twitter @tvrain