This station, which is critical of the Kremlin and has an affinity for technology, can only operate via the Internet and is dependent on subscription payments from its viewers. In 2014 it was banned from all satellite and cable networks by the state, which cost it 80 percent of its viewers in one fell swoop. Doshd is one of the few Russian media outlets to report extensively on opposition activities.

Political orientation Critical of the government
Frequency of publication Daily
Visits 5.000.000 – 10.000.000
Online payment model Content partially fee-based
Location Moscow, Russia
Publisher OOO Telekanal Dozhd
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 2010
Address Moscow, 127015, Ul. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya d.36, str.2, komn.2
Phone 007 49 57 44 01 77
Twitter @tvrain