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Avvenire is oriented on the teachings of the Catholic Church but independent of the Church hierarchy. It frequently represents the views of the bishops' conference. It mainly takes a stance on moral issues and, in the Catholic spirit, also aims to reach atheist readers. Ever since the Berlusconi newspaper Il Giornale led a smear campaign in 2009 against Dino Boffo, chief editor of Avvenire at the time, smear campaigns have been referred to in Italy as the "Boffo method".

Political orientation Catholic
Circulation 135,000 (2020)
Frequency of publication several times a week
Online payment model Content partially fee-based
Location Milan, Italy
Publisher Avvenire Nuova Editoriale Italiana S.p.A.
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1968
Address Piazza Carbonari 3, 20125 Mailand
Phone 0039 02 67 80 1
Email direzione.generale@avvenire.it
Twitter @Avvenire_NEI