Integration through jobs

Sweden is currently discussing how to open its job market to migrants. Work is the key to integration, many agree. There is, however, controversy over whether low-paid jobs are the right approach.

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Dagens Nyheter (SE) /

We need a Swedish dream

Sweden must change its labour market policy, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter demands in view of the refugee situation:

“The newcomers who so often wind up in problem neighbourhoods must be offered a Swedish dream. We need the equivalent of an American dream. With its potential to make people dependent on welfare and its high hurdles blocking access to the job market, the Swedish system tends to cripple people's sense of initiative. Those on the left have long opposed entry-level wages for newcomers, but they have no other solution for how these people should find jobs. Another problem is that unemployment is passed on from generation to generation. Those who come to Sweden must be given strong incentives and the means to support themselves as quickly as possible.”

Upsala Nya Tidning (SE) /

Low-paid jobs not the answer

More low-paid jobs are definitely not the solution for integrating the growing number of refugees, the liberal daily Upsala Nya Tidning admonishes:

“Most of these jobs have disappeared for good reason. It is to be welcomed that the technical developments are helping to get rid of jobs involving soul-destroying tasks. Even jobs that don't require a university education can no longer be performed by just anyone nowadays. A basic induction period or even specific training is needed, and those who have such jobs take a certain pride in them. ... In many countries there are menial jobs, and the people who do them are compelled to look up to those who have been more successful. In Sweden we've left all that behind us - for good.”