Commemoration ceremony for the Hungarian Revolution disrupted

During an official ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising at which Poland's president Andrzej Duda also delivered a speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán defended his government's refugee policy. Supporters of the left-wing opposition led by the Együtt party disrupted the event with a barrage of whistling and catcalls. The Hungarian press voices disappointment that the commemoration was overshadowed by political squabbling.

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Magyar Nemzet (HU) /

Commemoration exploited for political purposes

It's impossible to commemorate the 1956 uprising in Hungary as the politicians sabotage all efforts to remember the event the way it deserves to be remembered, Magyar Nemzet complains:

“Just like in 2006, the 60th anniversary of 1956 was also overshadowed by current political concerns. Once again the heroes of the revolution were lost in the flood of this year's speeches. Instead of talking about 1956, the speakers evoked the referendum on EU refugee quotas held on October 2. While some stressed that 98 percent of those who cast their ballots voted against the quotas, others pointed out that the referendum was in any event invalid. As in 2006, the whole commemoration was shamefully commandeered and abused by the politicians.”

Mandiner (HU) /

Opposition movement besmirches National Day

The protests were nothing but a shameful and destructive act, journalist Péter Gágyor writes in Mandiner:

“Like an umpire who's gone berserk, the mob drowned out not only the Hungarian anthem but also the Polish one. What's more, they also whistled during the solemn speech delivered by the Polish head of state who praised the unprecedented gesture of those Polish heroes who fought side by side with the Hungarian rebels against the Soviet army. ... What remains is a feeling of shame and helpless anger. ... Once again, the message sent by the protesters is a screaming void, symptomatic of a disoriented, planless opposition.”