Trump the next US president

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Donald Trump will be sworn in today as the 45th president of the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the ceremony at the Capitol. With dubious deals this businessman and inexperienced politician could destroy the existing world order, some commentators fear. Others warn against drawing hasty conclusions about his presidency.

Europe has been left bewildered and unsettled by Donald Trump's interview with Bild and The Times. Nato is obsolete, Brexit is a good idea and Merkel's refugee policy is a catastrophic mistake, according to the US president-elect. Commentators hope that Europe won't be misled by his remarks and that it will develop a strategy of unity with fresh resolve.

Statements by US secretary of state-designate Rex Tillerson have revealed that his views on relations with Russia, Nato membership and climate policy differ from those of president-elect Donald Trump. Some commentators hope Tillerson will get his way. For others, the new administration is facing its first crisis even before Trump takes office.

The social news portal Buzzfeed has published a file according to which Moscow is in possession of compromising information on Donald Trump. The contents are said to come from a former British secret service officer, but they have yet to be verified. The file testifies to the information war raging over Trump's presidency, commentators say, and speculate about harsh repercussions.

According to the findings of a report compiled by the US intelligence agencies Putin personally ordered hacker attacks to manipulate the US election campaign. Putin's interference in the US election campaign was mainly motivated by the desire for revenge, commentators surmise, also predicting that Trump's presidency will get off to a very shaky start.

As well as nominating Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, Donald Trump has appointed other prominent businessmen, former generals, ultra-conservatives and climate sceptics to his cabinet, all of whom have little experience in politics. Commentators see his selected team as confirmation of their worst fears about his presidency.

US president elect Trump has expressed doubts about the election results. After Green Party candidate Jill Stein called for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Trump tweeted that millions had voted illegally without, however, providing any proof. Commentators feel his behaviour lacks sovereignty and point to other forms of electoral fraud.

US president-elect Donald Trump had his first telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on Monday. According to the Kremlin both men voiced the desire for improved relations between their countries. But this is no reason to believe Putin and Trump will work together in the future, commentators write.

While Europe's right-wing populists are celebrating Donald Trump's election, leading EU politicians have pragmatically offered to cooperate with the new president. Commentators fear that politicians like Le Pen and Wilders will take inspiration from Trump's victory. Others explain why their hopes will be dashed.

The EU should do more for its own security, EU foreign and defence ministers resolved at the start of the week. Just what this involves is a matter of debate, however. Some commentators believe the EU should seek independence from Nato in the wake of Trump's election. Others question whether the Union has the necessary political and financial clout.

After meeting on the weekend to discuss their reaction to Donald Trump's election, the EU foreign ministers announced stronger cooperation on foreign and defence policy. Trump has announced plans to seek closer cooperation with Moscow. Is this good or bad news? Europe's commentators are at odds.

Which direction Donald Trump will take the US remains unclear after his election victory. Commentators see his success and that of other populists as the consequence of neoliberal developments and the left's weakness.

Over the past four days thousands of people have taken to the streets carrying signs bearing the words "Not my president" - also outside the US. Commentators take a sceptical view of the protests, and some even believe they're counterproductive.

US President Barack Obama will meet with Donald Trump at the White House today to discuss the plan for handing over power to his designated successor. Commentators are still perplexed by Donald Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton, who was considered the favourite. Many see the election result as a protest vote against the establishment.

Speculation is rife about Donald Trump's future strategies, including his economic policy. In the election campaign he promised lower taxes, deregulation, less free trade and more domestic investment. Commentators see the advent of a new era of protectionism in the US and ask whether the end of low interest rates could thwart his plans for major public investment.

In the final phase of the US election campaign all the polls gave Hillary Clinton a narrow lead. Many major media outlets also predicted that the Democratic candidate would win. Commentators discuss why the pollsters and journalists got it wrong.