How revolutionary is Macron's programme?

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron wants nothing less than "to build a new France" with his election programme. His proposals include a radical restructuring of the pension and welfare system according to the motto: the same rights and obligations for everyone. Macron also stressed his commitment to the German-French tandem. The press asks whether his plans are as revolutionary as they sound.

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L'Opinion (FR) /

A master of half-heartedness

Macron's election promise to radically transform France is not reflected in his programme, L'Opinion criticises:

“The minister of the economy, the self-proclaimed reformer and champion of resolute political action has become a presidential candidate who uses words cautiously and has a moderate programme. We knew him as someone who was ready to revamp an obsolete vision of the world of business, reshape relations with the state, shake up the public sector, update labour legislation and profess his faith in liberalism. What we see is a candidate converted to caution, a master at doing things half-heartedly. For all his insistence that the transformation will be 'complete and radical', his list of election promises points to the contrary. His intentions may be good, but translating them into action will be a tough proposition.”

Handelsblatt (DE) /

Concentrating on what's important

Macron's idea of balancing out rights and obligations at the European level is good, Handelsblatt counters:

“'France must fulfil its budget and reform obligations if it wants to become a credible partner for Germany once more', Macron demanded. In return he wants Germany to fulfil its responsibilities by boosting its investments. Together the two countries are to reform the Eurozone, which is to have its own budget. This budget could be used to support those countries harder hit by an economic shock than others, but only on the condition that they help themselves through reforms. … How realistic is Macron's programme? The approach of promising little and concentrating on the core problems is the right one. The reality test will show whether the French are willing to make changes. But for that they must first vote for Macron.”