Time for major changes in UK party politics?

The Brexit referendum has had lasting repercussions for Britain's political landscape. The governing Tories have lost their majority and the opposition Labour Party is plagued by internal strife. Some commentators say the time is right for new players to take centre-stage.

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Irish Examiner (IE) /

Britain needs a Macron of its own

The time is ripe for a new political movement in Britain, the Irish Examiner believes:

“In a political system still feeling the aftershocks of two major earthquakes - the June 2016 Brexit referendum and, a year later, the humiliating electoral setback of the Conservative Party that spearheaded it - there is a clear opportunity for newcomers. Already, the Tories are locked in an internal battle they can only try to obscure. In Labour, too, rebellions are erupting. Now is the moment for a new party, styled after French president Emmanuel Macron's La République En Marche, to capitalise on the division, disarray, and distrust in the established parties.”

New Statesman (GB) /

Ukip could experience revival

Although it suffered a rout in the general elections the anti-EU UK Independence Party (Ukip) should not be written off yet, the New Statesman warns:

“When you talk to Ukip officials or politicians, they aren’t despairing, yet. Because paradoxically, they agree with Remainers: Theresa May’s Brexit deal will disappoint. Any deal including a 'divorce bill' - which any deal will include - will fall short of May's rhetoric at the start of negotiations. ... They believe if Ukip can survive as a going concern until March 2019, then they will be well-placed for a revival.”