Macron maps out his foreign policy

In a keynote speech to French ambassadors in Paris, Emmanuel Macron named the fight against Islamic terror, environmental and migration policy and the future of Europe as the focal points of his foreign policy. Can the French president improve his country's reputation in the world?

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La Croix (FR) /

Strengthen France from the inside

If Macron wants to elevate France to a level of grandeur he must start on the home front, La Croix believes:

“In general it's preferable to hear talk of 'grandeur' than of 'decadence' or 'decline'. However it's important also to keep one's feet on the ground, so as not to put off the partners we're supposed to be bringing on board for this very Gaullist project. France isn't a 'little' country, but it's not a superpower either. Its history and its culture give it a particular voice, certainly. But it's 'grandeur' above all has to do with something else, namely domestic developments, with a revitalised economy and a newfound confidence in the future. France can only be grand when the French feel up to the challenge. Working toward that goal deserves as much energy as perseverance.”

Le Figaro (FR) /

What Macron needs now are results

Le Figaro sees things the same way:

“Emmanuel Macron has imposed his own style, based as much on seduction as on authoritarianism. Now it's time for him to follow through with deeds. That won't be simple. Because while a style that involves turning things inside out can get things moving in a chaotic world like our own, one must not ignore the fact that the people have long memories. And there's not much room to move between realism and a respect for principles. Above all the French president will never be truly credible on the international stage until he succeeds at introducing the long awaited reforms at home. France's standing in the world also depends on whether Macron can reform the labour law and cut the country's deficit.”