Denmark doesn't want any more quota refugees

In a bid to stem the flow of immigrants Denmark is discussing suspending the UN refugee resettlement programme. The parliament is to vote this week on whether to take in the annual quota of 500 refugees to which Copenhagen had agreed under the scheme. The Danish press presents arguments in favour of and against the suspension.

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Berlingske (DK) /

Too many spontaneous refugees

Unfortunately it is absolutely necessary for Copenhagen to withdraw from the UN quota system for refugees, Berlingske argues:

“In an ideal world we would take in quota refugees instead of spontaneous asylum seekers. ... But this is not an ideal world. ... We know that successful integration also depends on the number of refugees and migrants taken in. ... This is why in the real world there is a good reason for Denmark suspending its intake of UN quota refugees. But without doubt we should rejoin the programme once solid and resilient solutions for the failed system for dealing with spontaneous asylum seekers has been found.”

Kristeligt Dagblad (DK) /

No such thing as a perfect solution

The Danish government is backing the wrong horse if it wants to limit immigration in a humane way, Kristeligt Dagblad believes:

“The government's argument that a pause in immigration is necessary if integration is to be successful makes sense. ... And there are good reasons for introducing tighter border controls to stem an uncontrolled influx of migrants that would render successful integration impossible. ... Part of the solution, however, is provided by the UN's resettlement programme. On this issue common criteria allow for those who are truly persecuted to be distributed among UN countries in a fair and sensible manner. ... The system isn't perfect, but despite its weaknesses it's still the best tool we have in a world where refugees are a tragic reality.”