Poland facing EU sanctions

The EU Commission will decide today whether to take punitive measures against Poland under Article 7 of the EU treaty. The background to the move is the package of judicial reforms launched by the ruling PiS which in the opinion of many people in the EU endangers the separation of powers in the country. Such proceedings could end with Poland being stripped of its voting rights in the Council of the European Union.

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wPolityce.pl (PL) /

We won't die for your multiculturalism

The real reason why the EU is considering starting sanction proceedings is Poland's refugee policy, the pro-government news website wPolityce.pl believes:

“The EU elites are mounting a massive attack. In their line of fire is the disobedient Poland, for whom common sense and the security of its citizens are more important than the idiocy of the left-wing elites and their infantile ideology. ... We're being threatened with the activation of Article 7, financial punishment and exclusion from the group of EU decision-makers just because we refuse to take in refugees. ... War has already come to their territory. The terror and destruction of which we warned them in vain are simmering, ready to ignite. ... But we're not going to die for their multiculturalism.”

Newsweek Polska (PL) /

PiS could capitalise on row with the EU

The PiS could even benefit from the dispute with the EU, explains leftist journalist Jakub Majmurek in a commentary for Newsweek Polska:

“The PiS is already behaving as if any criticism of the government casts doubt on the election results and constitutes treason. The possibility of the internal dispute in Poland being connected to EU sanctions only strengthens this rhetoric. It's hard to explain to the public why one supports sanctions against one's own country. So if the opposition doesn't come up with a clever PR strategy that blames the PiS for the row with Brussels very soon, then it's not certain that the PiS will come out of the conflict with the EU as the loser. At least not until it's clear to all normal citizens what the consequences of Poland's being sidelined in Europe would be.”