Greek fighter pilot dies in Aegean Sea crash

A pilot died last week after a Greek fighter jet crashed in the Aegean Sea. He was on his way back from a mission to intercept Turkish jets. Athens and Ankara are locked in a dispute over the border between their respective airspace in the Aegean which has resulted in repeated incidents. The Greek press expresses its sadness over the tragic incident.

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To Vima (GR) /

An end to the fanaticism

To Vima hopes that Greek society will come to its senses after the fighter pilot's death:

“Giorgos Baltadoros is yet another pilot who has died in this undeclared war between our country and Turkey. The tragic loss of this hero will now finally stop those who are just out for votes and keep adding fuel to the fire in this already tense situation. Perhaps after this death the citizens will come to their senses and stop fantasising. ... Hopefully now they will realise that what fuels the hostilities is the blood of real people who leave wives and children and unbearable pain behind when they die.”

Kathimerini (GR) /

Pilots should be given their dues

The daily Kathimerini pays tribute to the fallen soldier:

“Greece is in awe of the quiet patriotism and professionalism of the young pilot who died Thursday in the line of duty after his fighter jet crashed into the Aegean Sea when he was returning from a mission. The pilot of the single-seat Mirage 2000-5 was doing his job, earning a very modest salary, after just a few hours of training with limited resources. It is people like Captain Giorgos Baltadoros who make it possible for this country to continue to stand on its own feet, and we should not wait until they are dead to honor them. We need to give them their proper dues, when they're due.”