Spain's minority government tottering

A minority government led by Socialist Pedro Sánchez has been in power in Madrid for around a hundred days now. During this time two cabinet members have already lost their posts as a result of a zero-tolerance for corruption policy. Now a new scandal has come to light involving the Minister of Science Pedro Duque. Will Sánchez be brought down by his own high moral standards?

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El Mundo (ES) /

Socialists failing due to their own standards

The government is not living up to its own standards, El Mundo jeers:

“The government that was born from the vote of no-confidence against Mariano Rajoy, based on the demand for model behaviour, is experiencing an accelerated process of deterioration that is preventing it from carrying out its functions with a minimum of stability. However this deterioration is nothing but the fruit of its manifest inability to maintain the very standards that the current head of government demanded when he was in opposition.”

El Periódico de Catalunya (ES) /

Opposition dragging the country to the polls

Spain is heading for new elections, El Periódico de Catalunya believes:

“Since Pedro Sánchez's government took office not a day has gone by without a scandal. After the resignations of two ministers within three months - one brought down by problems with the tax authorities, the other for plagiarising her Master's thesis - the bar has been set very high. Criticism of the head of government's doctoral thesis and an attempt to topple the justice minister over misconduct followed. And just when things started to settle down we learned that the minister of science founded a company that allegedly evaded taxes. ... The offensive against the government won't let up because [the opposition parties] PP and Ciudadanos want new elections.”