Denmark: mudslinging rescue services

The authorities in southern Denmark have made a case of unfair competition public: the Danish rescue service Falck allegedly edged its Dutch competitor Bios out of the market with a smear campaign led by two PR agencies. Bios had won a contract that Falck also bid for in 2014 but was forced to file for bankruptcy after the campaign. Danish media are shocked.

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Politiken (DK) /

Russian standards

Politiken is angered by the disinformation campaigns of the PR agencies:

“Two Danish PR agencies conducted a smear campaign to create maximum uncertainty among the citizens in southern Denmark who are dependent on the rescue service. One of the unfair methods was to set up a Facebook group with the sole aim of turning the public mood against Bios. In view of the upcoming parliamentary elections the government and the news service fear disinformation and social media campaigns. But if you look at the shabby methods the Danish PR agencies used in the Falck scandal, they're every bit as unscrupulous as the Russians.”

Jyllands-Posten (DK) /

State must no longer commission tricksters

For Jyllands-Posten it's clear that Falck's disreputable and perhaps unlawful activities must have consequences:

“The authorities that have signed contracts with Falck should examine them and determine whether they came about in an honest manner. Clearly Falck will no longer be considered when contracts are re-tendered after they expire. The dirty tricks Falck resorted to against Bios and perhaps other competitors cannot be excused or forgiven with a nod to the market economy. Falck has put an end to its activities as a service provider for the public sector in Denmark.”