Denmark: big fuss over pregnant culture minister

Joy Mogensen, Minister of Culture in Denmark's new Social Democratic government, will soon be a mother. She became pregnant with the help of a sperm donor and will raise her child as a single mother. While members of the Danish public object to her appoinment as minister the media welcome the decision.

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Berlingske (DK) /

Pregnancies a normal part of working life

Berlingske refuses to criticise the prime minister's personnel decisions:

“Is it good for the child, for Joy Mogensen and for our society that she decided to be a single mother so soon before being nominated a minister? Wait a minute! Joy Mogensen is an independent adult who has taken a courageous - and no doubt also difficult - decision. ... Of course it's not a problem. Will it be difficult? Without doubt. ... But it would send the wrong signal to the job market if women were disqualified because they're expecting a child. In 2019 it should be completely normal for pregnancy to be part of working life - for men as well as for women. After all, pregnancy isn't a disease and doesn't last for ever.”

Politiken (DK) /

Fight for equal rights not over yet

Politiken also approves of the appointment, but believes still more can be done regarding equal opportunities:

“In this debate Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is sending a very important signal: women of child-bearing age are by no means disqualified for key posts. ... It must be remembered, however, that the fight for equality is also a fight for better opportunities for both sexes. For example there are still pay gaps between men and women, and there are still fewer women in top management positions - but by the same token access rights for men after a divorce must be reviewed. Of course, in view of the government makeup with seven female and 13 male ministers one can ask: was being a man a key factor in qualifying for a ministerial post? In 2019 one would hope not.”