Growing xenophobia in Greece?

On Tuesday night, residents and hotel managers in the northern Greek village of Vrasna prevented around 400 refugees who were being transferred from an overcrowded camp on the island of Samos to the mainland from being housed in local hotels. Protests against migrants also took place elsewhere in Greece, with citizens in Serres blocking the construction of a third refugee centre. Greek media analyse the reasons behind the protests.

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People are confronting the truth

What is happening reflects the state of shock in Greek society, Protagon explains:

“It's important that we should take note of the reactions of a society that is unprepared, immature, and unaware of what's going on and what's coming. No one dares to say the truth. The question of refugees and migration was seen by governments as a passing issue, a phase that would end with the end of the Syria crisis. That was not the case. This is now clear for all to see.”

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Hospitality reserved for those with full wallets

Only the rich and investors are welcome in Greece nowadays, Avgi rails:

“The pure-bred Greeks took to the streets to stop the colonisation of their country. They were applauded by those who inherited nothing from our own experiences of fleeing in 1922 [when a wave of refugees came to Greece from Asia Minor after the Greek-Turkish war] but hatred and fear of foreigners - and in particular foreigners with empty pockets. ... For when the 'foreigner' comes with a full wallet things are very different. Then the doors are wide open and everyone remembers Greece's traditional hospitality.”