The website Maszol is the successor to the daily Új Magyar Szó, which folded due to financial reasons in 2012. It was created by the editorial staff of the daily newspaper and is published by the Progress Alapítvány Foundation. Traditionally, Maszol is viewed as a left-wing or left-wing liberal media outlet, but the orientation of the Hungarian-language media abroad is often difficult to assess, among other things because the media must cover the broadest possible audience in a very small market. Overall, the online portal offers readers a broad spectrum of opinions, from very conservative to liberal articles. Like many Hungarian-language media in Romania, the publisher receives public funds from Hungary.

Frequency of publication several times a week
Visits 500.000 – 1.000.000
Online payment model All content for free
Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 2012
Address Cluj Napoca, Șoimului (Marconi) 24/A
Phone 40723109657
Twitter @MASZOL1