The Presidential candidates in 2020: incumbent Donald Trump (Republican, left) and challenger Joe Biden (Democrat) (© picture-alliance/dpa)

  US election 2020

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On 3 November US citizens will elect a new president, the members of the House of Representatives and part of the Senate. In the race for the presidency, former Democratic vice-president Joe Biden is leading in the polls against Republican incumbent Donald Trump. European observers discuss the election's international implications.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have squared off in their second and final TV debate. This time the discussion was more tempered than in the first debate, in which Trump barely let Biden get a word in and both candidates insulted each other. Almost 50 million Americans have already voted by mail. Were the candidates able to win over undecided voters last night?

In the run-up to the US presidential elections on November 3, the polls show the presidential challenger Joe Biden with a substantial lead against Donald Trump in some states. While some observers are already looking at how Trump would react to defeat, others voice doubts about the reliability of the polls.

After the high-profile TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on September 29, the vice-presidential hopefuls Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took their turn to present themselves to US voters on television on Wednesday. Commentators appreciate the civilized tone of the debate but are divided over its impact.