Cyprus: will Erdoğan block the path to reunification?

Erdoğan has called for a permanent two-state solution for Cyprus. "There are two peoples and two separate states in Cyprus," he said during a visit to Nicosia and the coastal district of Varosha. So far, efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus question have revolved around a reunification between the two separate parts of the island.

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Cyprus Mail (CY) /

Nicosia still has a chance

The road to a solution that would reunite the country is not blocked, Cyprus Mail stresses:

“We also heard once again that efforts to reach a federal settlement failed because Greek Cypriot could not accept political equality. In other words, if the Cyprus government was prepared to accept a federation based on political equality, a bizonal bicommunal federation would still be on the table. Of course, it would have to convince the Turkish side that it fully supports political equality, something that might not be as easy as it sounds given the position expressed on the matter by President Anastasiades in the last couple of years. There is still a choice between reunification or two-states.”

Phileleftheros (CY) /

Impose sanctions on Ankara now!

The EU must finally enforce sanctions, demands Phileleftheros:

“Erdoğans message was one of complete Turkification of the occupied territories and a non-solution to the Cyprus problem. ... The Greek side cannot accept the two-state solution. ... We have repeated many times that Turkey needs to be hit financially so it realises that it cannot simply do as it pleases. Only when it feels the cost will it seriously discuss an agreement and stop its illegal actions. The EU has been discussing sanctions for a year. A postponement offers Ankara the opportunity to implement its expansion plans without any interference.”