Open access to vaccination in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government has discarded its previous vaccination plan to prioritise certain groups and is now giving everyone access to the vaccines with immediate effect. The campaign was slow getting off the ground with just 120,000 doses administered since December. But thirty thousand Astrazeneca jabs were administered last weekend. Is this a major success in the face of widespread scepticism?

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24 Chasa (BG) /

Simple and therefore effective

Improved access to vaccines will speed up the vaccination process considerably, 24 Chasa is pleased to report:

“On Sunday alone, 1,500 doses were administered every hour. This is happening because people have realised that it's easy and sensible to get vaccinated, especially when it takes so little effort and time. At last the vaccination campaign is gaining momentum and people are able to convince themselves that it's worthwhile. Even among sceptics, attitudes are starting to shift. ”

Kapital (BG) /

It won't work without a concept

Kapital, on the other hand, voices criticism

“that by opening up vaccination centres for everyone too soon, the effect of concentrating on priority groups will be lost and spread across the population. Many doctors and teachers who registered to get the vaccine have yet to receive it, let alone other priority groups. There are not even any special provisions for the elderly anymore - they have to stand in line with everyone else. As a result, the process will only slowly move forward across the entire population instead of leading to faster immunity for the population as a whole.”