Will far-right Vox be part of coalition in Madrid?

After the collapse of the regional government in Murcia following a corruption scandal, centre-right coalitions are now tottering in several other Spanish regions. The Community of Madrid is now holding a snap election in which the conservative incumbent Isabel Díaz Ayuso of the PP is the favourite and if elected may form a coalition with the far-right Vox party. Commentators sound the alarm.

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eldiario.es (ES) /

Work together more than ever

The left must stop the advance of the far right, warns eldiario.es:

“A victory for Ayuso and Vox would be a symbol of the triumph of hate speech against immigrants, homosexuals and feminists. It would increase the normalisation of corruption and reaffirm the neglect of public services, the whitewashing of the Franco dictatorship and apologism for state terror. The far right's assault in Madrid carries an enormous risk for all of Spain. ... For that reason [the left] must realise that it must mobilise more than ever before, that unity and cooperation are needed.”

El País (ES) /

Don't imitate the campaign of the right

All parties on the left of Vox and the PP now have a responsibility to prevent the election campaign from turning into a populist mudslinging contest, warns El País:

“Faced with the Trump-style anarcho-capitalist and nationalist media campaign of the Vox-Ayuso conglomerate, it would be wise for the other parties to focus on the issues that really matter to citizens. Despite the nationwide relevance of these elections, it is not a government for all Spain that is being decided on here, but for the Madrid region only. And the people of Madrid deserve solutions, not more problems, divisions and resentment created by the politicians.”