Denmark paves way for stationing of US troops

US troops could be stationed in Nato state Denmark in the future. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is currently negotiating a new defence cooperation agreement with Washington. Not all commentators have a good feeling about the move.

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Berlingske (DK) /

Get stronger to respond to new threats

Berlingske welcomes the plans, especially in view of the Ukraine crisis:

“We have been brutally reminded that our ability to ward off external threats no longer meets the requirements of the times. That our military has major shortcomings, not least in terms of its material equipment. Europe - and thus also Denmark - has entered a new era after the Cold War in which aggression against free countries is on the rise again. We must respond to this showing strength, not weakness. An agreement with the US can help pave the way for this.”

Politiken (DK) /

Discuss sticking points in advance

Fundamental issues need to be clarified before such an agreement is signed, Politiken warns:

“There is no doubt that a close alliance with the US is in Denmark's interest. ... But the statements so far on the defence agreement leave certain unanswered questions, to say the least. For example regarding Denmark's nuclear policy: the US will hardly deviate from its principle of silence about whether nuclear weapons are stored on incoming ships or planes. How should Denmark react if that is the case? And is the timing - in the middle of the Ukraine crisis - well chosen? ... Most problematic, however, are future American military actions not supported by Denmark. ... What if Trump or another populist comes to power?”

Denik (CZ) /

Slovakians divided over treaty with US

Unlike Denmark, Slovakia already concluded a military defence treaty with the US this week, but the parliamentary debate showed how divided the country is on this issue, Deník laments:

“Above all, the attitude of the two former heads of government, Robert Fico and Peter Pellegrini, was questionable. When they were in their highest offices, they behaved like Europeans, even if they weren't always pro-US. The way they talked about the treaty with the US was a far cry from this stance. ... Pellegrini's party in particular made scandalous comments that almost amounted to a threat. The threat that the next elections in Slovakia could once again decide whether the country stays in the West or returns to the East.”