Energy transition: what works best?

Heat waves, dried-up river beds, withered crops are signs of climate change while the energy crisis is worsening as a result of Russia's war against Ukraine: the switch to alternative energies and saving resources are more pressing than ever. Europe's press debates how this can be done most effectively.

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EU needs drastic energy diet

In, a team of academics calls on Europe to redefine its concept of solidarity:

“We agree with the EU that we need solidarity, and a lot of it. ... First and foremost in the social strata with those who suffer from energy poverty. ... We also need solidarity between states, with a long-term vision that encompasses the entire planet. We should not forget that the EU countries are among the biggest emitters. ... The entire EU must go on a drastic diet. ... The need to reduce consumption of fossil fuels did not just arise in 2022.”

Les Echos (FR) /

Make more use of climate-friendly resources

The best solution to the energy crisis is hydrogen, entrepreneur Vimal Kapur writes in Les Echos:

“We are still in the early stages of a hydrogen-based economy. While the world continues to seek innovative solutions to combat climate change, hydrogen is proving to be a viable energy source and engine of economic growth. Three things are needed for its widespread use: increased supply through production, a viable transport infrastructure and a lower end-use price. ... The good news is that hydrogen is all around us. ... We just need to develop ways to use it cheaply and efficiently.”

Hürriyet (TR) /

Saving energy on all levels

Turkey should promote less energy consumption with a large-scale campaign, Hürriyet demands:

“Spain's Minister for Ecological Change Teresa Ribera has announced that lighting in shop windows will be turned off after 10 pm, and similar restrictions will be introduced for street lighting. ... Germany has imposed similar measures. ... We also have to make such savings in Turkey. ... We should make a campaign out of it. The government should go ahead and take all the necessary steps. But we also have to support this campaign on an individual level.”