Turkish opposition presents draft constitution

The six-party opposition alliance led by the Kemalist CHP presented its draft for a new Turkish constitution on Monday. The key aim of the proposed reform is a return to parliamentarianism and the renunciation of the presidential system which has been in force since 2018 and concentrates power in the hands of the incumbent president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Opposition media take stock.

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Sözcü (TR) /

End one-man rule!

The Kemlist paper Sözcü stresses the importance of this draft constitution, because the current regime

“has succeeded in making full use of the extraordinary powers that one-man rule gives it for its own interests. One of the most important is that the powers of the parliament, which was elected by the people, have been curtailed and largely transferred to the presidential palace. .... Turkey must abandon this one-man rule as soon as possible. And that can only be achieved with a new constitution. We must restore the independence of the judiciary. A first important step has been taken. ... Provided none of the six opposition parties breaks away and plays into the hands of the other side.”

Evrensel (TR) /

Genuine popular sovereignty? Think again!

The socialist daily Evrensel is adamant that this is not a courageous new beginning:

“The draft does not propose a real change of power with a transfer of sovereignty to the people that puts an end to the repressive, prohibitive despotism. ... The need for fundamental reform is seen in the reorganisation of the administration, rather than in the restructuring of the state as a people's democracy. ... Decisions will continue to be made by the exploiting classes under the leadership of the masters in the US and Nato, through organisations such as Tüsiad [the Turkish Industry and Business Association] and the conservative parties.”