Nato: what's on offer for Ukraine?

The next Nato summit takes place in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius in July. According to Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the focus will be on "how we can bring Ukraine closer to Nato, where it belongs". The alliance is working on a multi-year, well-financed support package. For commentators that is not enough.

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LRT (LT) /

No unrealistic promises but realistic plans

LRT analyses:

“Nato leaders are sending a clear message - Ukraine will become a member of Nato, but only after the Russian aggression ends. At the same time they are looking for ways to make progress at the Vilnius summit and avoid disappointing Kyiv. ... A sustainable security architecture in Europe will continue to be built on the basis of Nato alone. ... This does not mean that accession is likely in the near future - Nato wants to avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia. But for a secure future, steps of strategic importance must be taken now.”

Aktuálně.cz (CZ) /

Rules can be changed

For Aktuálně.cz, anything less than full membership is unsatisfactory:

“Ukraine belongs to Nato, it defends Nato. Not to accept it as a member demonstrates the cowardice Putin is counting on. Ukraine's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance is prevented by the rule that a country engaged in war cannot be admitted. But any rule can be overturned. The West should do this, if only out of its own instinct for self-preservation.”

Alfa (LT) /

No comparison with Israel

Writing on Alfa, security expert Edward Lucas argues against orienting any solution on the Israeli model:

“The geographical, historical, and political differences between Ukraine and Israel render the model all but meaningless. Ukraine (population 40m) has one bad neighbour; Israel (10m) has no good ones. Israel has only one friend that matters: the faraway United States. Ukraine has many, mostly close at hand. Yes, both countries have internal conflicts, but they are on a different scale. War has diminished Ukraine's linguistic and other divisions. Israel's polarisation is increasing. It is highly unlikely (thank goodness) that any post-war territorial settlement in Ukraine would create the equivalent of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.”