Serbia to elect a new parliament

Parliamentary and local elections will be held in Serbia on Sunday. The broad pro-European multi-party alliance Serbia Against Violence is running against the Progress Party (SNS) of incumbent President Aleksandar Vučić. Following several mass shootings, thousands took to the streets in Belgrade to protest against increased levels of violence in the country. Is a turnaround on the cards?

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Politika (RS) /

Elections without cause

Politika wonders what prompted President Vučić to bring forward the elections:

“This election campaign is the strangest yet. ... Vučić has called elections even though he has a stable majority in parliament and wields the power in Belgrade, while at the same time the huge energy of the 'Serbia against violence' street protests in the summer has evaporated. This gives the impression that these are elections without a cause.”

Vreme (RS) /

Striking arguments from the government

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić has warned of violent clashes. Blatant manipulation, Vreme counters:

“The prime minister is trying to increase voter abstention with her statement. Why go to the polls when anything could happen? ... The prime minister's statement has a purpose: it is a warning to the citizens that if they are forced to defend their decision, they will be made to feel the batons, tear gas and fists of the ruling party's thugs even more than before. The election result is to be what Vučić says it should be, just as was the case in the last election cycle. ... Something needs to change on 17 December.”