Can Romania and Moldova be reunified?

Around 2,000 people demonstrated for the reunification of Romania and its neighbour the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest this weekend. A protest march in support of reunification has taken place every October since 2012. Commentators present various arguments for why the move is not possible right now.

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România liberă (RO) /

Reunification only after Moldova joins EU

Reunification is only feasible if the Republic of Moldova joins the EU first, writes România Liberă:

“Before we get all excited about the topic of reunification with the Republic of Moldova we should take a cool and objective look at two important aspects. The first is the current international legal status. The existing borders are a result of World War II. Back then Romania lost Bessarabia [now a province of Moldova] but kept Transylvania. The second legal argument is that Romania is a member of the EU. Romania can unite with the Republic of Moldova - but only within an expanded EU. The goal is to promote the integration of the Republic of Moldova but not to create a situation in which this would initiate a Ukrainisation of Romania. Redefining the borders created by World War II is a double-edged sword and an approach Putin relies on - as we have clearly seen - to destabilise Eastern Europe.”

Gândul (RO) /

Don't annoy Moscow

Reunification is unimaginable in view of the geopolitical situation, Gândul believes:

“Anyone who fails to understand that should remember the war in Georgia in 2008 and the war in Ukraine in 2014 - which is still smouldering in 2016. ... They'll see that Russia won't allow Nato or the EU to cross a red line in its immediate vicinity or to enter the buffer zone on its borders. To prevent that Moscow will go to any lengths, including illegal and irresponsible actions and ultimately war. Transnistria [the secessionist region in Moldova where Russian troops are stationed] would be the ideal pretext for such an action if Romania moves too close to the Republic of Moldova and enters this territory.”