Trump names conservative hardliner chief adviser

The future US president Donald Trump has named Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist. Bannon had led Trump's election campaign and was founder of the ultra-conservative new site Breitbart News. Commentators are appalled that Trump has named the controversial media entrepreneur - considered a right-wing hardliner - to lead his team.

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Aamulehti (FI) /

Bannon a political time bomb

Trump is thanking his ultra-right voters with Bannon's nomination, Aamulehti concludes:

“There's no glossing over the facts: Bannon is a racist, a troublemaker and a walking political time bomb. The only plausible explanation for his new role is that Trump prefers him to exert influence from inside the establishment rather than from the outside. Before the elections this paper spoke of the 'white threat' in the US. Bannon is exactly that. His inclusion in the inner circles of power is proof that Trump knows he owes his victory to the large number of ultraconservative, anachronistically-minded voters.”

Cumhuriyet (TR) /

Europe's fascists rubbing their hands in glee

The fact that the new White House chief strategist used to spread hate and discrimination as operator of the ultraconservative Breitbart News Network is worrying indeed, Cumhuriyet writes:

“Bannon, who's considered a fascist and racist not only by the Democrats but also by many Republicans, enjoys so much of the new president's trust that he's already being touted as the Rasputin of the White House. From now on he will direct political business in Washington and exert huge influence on international relations. Bannon's first goal is to lend support to Marine Le Pen in the run-up to the French presidential elections this spring! Bannon's website, which heaved Trump into the Oval Office, is now being exported to France. ... Europe's fascists are not celebrating for nothing. A Pandora's box was opened on November 8. It won't be easy to close.”