A fraudster to save Greece?

Since 2012 the US businessman Artemis Sorras, who is of Greek extraction, has been in the news, claiming to have 600 billion euros with which he can pay off Athens' state debts. His movement Ellinon Sinelefsis has attracted considerable support in recent years. A murder committed by a high-ranking member of the movement prompts the Greek media to take a closer look at it.

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Avgi (GR) /

Sorras cultivating loyal subordinates

The movement of the US benefactor Sorras uses the same methods as the far-right party Chrysi Avgi, the left-wing daily Avgi writes in an analysis:

“Both the neo-Nazis and Sorras are trying to expand their political influence by supporting poor citizens. But not so that the latter can stand on their own feet but so that they have to keep kissing the hand that feeds them. Sorras became known as an eccentric who claimed to have made several hundred billion euros by selling ancient Greek technologies to the US government - a sum he was prepared to donate to help Greece pay off its debts. … His organisation offers to pay off citizens' debts for an administrative fee. No wonder the movement's offices are springing up all over Greece. ”

Protagon.gr (GR) /

Not a harmless clown but a fraudster

In December it was revealed that a high-ranking member of Sorras' movement had committed a murder. Protagon calls for the government to finally do something about these scoundrels:

“Is it really possible that the government and the justice system can’t inform us expressly and officially whether this man really is in possession of 600 billion? And what about the complaints about his movement? This affair is no longer funny. ... We’ve spent enough time laughing at Sorras. Following the revelations of murder and the scam involving substances with alleged healing properties [by the murderer], we can recognise this organisation for precisely what it is: one that exploits the plight and lack of experience of some of our citizens. ... Now those in positions of responsibility should stop giggling and offer their citizens protection. ”