Erdoğan dismisses thousands of civil servants

Turkish President Erdoğan has once again passed an emergency decree, this time ordering the dismissal of more than 4,000 civil servants, including 330 academics. They are accused of having ties to terrorist organisations or endangering national security. Opposition media in Turkey voice their indignation.

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Birgün (TR) /

Universities the latest victim

The wave of dismissals is yet another barbaric measure on the part of the state, the left-leaning daily Birgün comments:

“For some the decree is 'drenched in hate'. For others it's a 'massacre' or even a 'genocide' of the universities. Still others call it a barbaric act. The dismissals were first of all directed at those who staged the coup: Fetö [Fethullah Gülen's movement] supporters were dismissed from the civil service and the universities. Then the 'terror list' was extended. ... All the academics at the University of Ankara have been fired. The political science and communication science departments have been decimated to such an extent that they can hardly offer any more courses. A shame for those students whose professors must now cancel their seminars. The teachers, students and the entire world know that these dismissals are politically motivated.”

T24 (TR) /

The banished will return

As this isn't the first time such dismissals have taken place in Turkey those affected shouldn't lose hope, T24 comments:

“The Erdoğan regime thinks that these professors won't return. But they will return! And those responsible [for the dismissals] should start thinking about how they will deal with the disgrace they have caused their children and grandchildren. Patience, steadfastness and combativeness should be our guides. Basta! Friends, do not forget: you will return to your faculties.”