A fresh start for Greece's left?

Five leftist parties and groups, including the former social democratic ruling party Pasok, have joined forces under the aegis of the Democratic Alliance Disy. Greek commentators have mixed feelings about the new alliance.

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Ta Nea (GR) /

Alliance has a historical responsibility

The Disy alliance has the potential to lead Greece into the future, writes former Pasok minister Tilemachos Chytiris in Ta Nea:

“In practice, stability and a spirit of unity are needed. This will create a renewal of ideas and views. The next election - whenever it takes place (most likely in 2018) - will point the way forward. It will produce a coalition government under the stringent control of the creditors. So difficult times lie ahead. … If the centre-left spectrum is able to reorganise, in many respects this will be to the advantage of democracy and the country. Any further delay would be a mistake! We have a historical responsibility.”

Dimokratia (GR) /

A party of conmen

The social democratic Pasok party and its corrupt politicians are just trying to use the new alliance as a facade, Dimokratia believes:

“The Democratic Alliance Disy is trying to deceive the Greek people. It presents itself as a new party rather than the one that is linked to the biggest scandals. … Its politicians show their 'new faces' and claim to have found the solutions for the country's future. But if you listen to just 15 minutes of its speeches in Congress, you sense the thirst for power and revenge. … No matter how many facelifts Pasok - or whatever it calls itself these days - gives itself, it needn't think that the Greek people will forget all its misdeeds and mistakes [during its time in government].”