Where is the US-Russian sanction row headed?

In response to sanctions imposed by Washington against Russia last week Moscow has expelled 755 US diplomats. Europe's media examine the side-effects of these mutual sanctions and punitive measures.

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Avvenire (IT) /

Alarmingly poor relations

When Russia and the US flex their muscles it is others who pay the price, Avvenire points out:

“Ultimately the two giants don't really hurt each other. ... But above and beyond the current exhibition fight relations between the two countries are in a truly miserable and worrying state. Because unfortunately all too often these two powers sacrifice the global relevance of their relationship to further their own selfish agendas, which rightly causes concern in the rest of the world. Moreover it's the local populations who pay the price when instead of hammering out their differences between themselves these two engage in proxy wars like those in Ukraine and Syria. There the number of victims rises and hope fades and dies.”

Delo (SI) /

When two quarrel the third rejoices

Beijing benefits most from the conflicts between the US and Russia, Delo believes:

“The US is exploiting anti-Russian sentiment to further its energy interests - above all in the liquefied natural gas business - and squeezing Russia out of the market. Russia in turn is taking advantage of the US's lack of resolve in the Middle East to consolidate its strategic position in the region. As if the wheel of time had spun back to the days of the Cold War. With the difference that another large and important player is benefiting from the current Russian-American ping pong match. And what's more, this player is the one who is best at the game.”