Outrage over warrant for Akhanli's arrest

The Turkish-born German author Doğan Akhanlı has been released after he was arrested in Spain at the behest of the Turkish government by authorities acting on an Interpol warrant. Akhanlı now has orders to remain in Spain until a decision has been reached on extradition proceedings. Columnists lambaste the Turkish president for this latest provocation.

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Berliner Zeitung (DE) /

Unjust state Turkey

In issuing an Interpol warrant for German-Turkish author Doğan Akhanlı's arrest Erdoğan has abused international treaties, the Berliner Zeitung writes:

“He is exploiting something that is of great value to others. He is trampling on that which Europe holds in high esteem. And he is acting as if this was the most normal thing in the world. … The Europeans must protect themselves more resolutely and effectively. They must increase the pressure on Turkey. … Within the framework of their legal relations with Turkey they must make it clear that under the European Convention on Human Rights there can be no deportations or extraditions unless procedures in accordance with the rule of law are guaranteed. In short: Turkey must be classified and treated as what it is right now: an unjust state.”

De Standaard (BE) /

Human rights non-negotiable

Erdoğan's call for an election boycott in Germany and the arrest of the writer Doğan Akhanlı must not go unanswered, De Standaard urges:

“It's now patently obvious that there are no limits to Erdoğan's effrontery. Clearly there can be no talk of Turkey under Erdoğan joining the EU. Recent developments have provided ample grounds for stopping Turkey's accession process and putting an end to the funding connected with it. And we'll just have to accept the risk that Turkey could then cancel the refugee deal with the EU. Respect for human rights is one of the pillars on which Europe was founded. And it's non-negotiable.”