What will Hurricane Harvey mean for Trump?

Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas hard, with heavy rain flooding parts of the state. The situation is particularly drastic in the megacity Houston, where thousands are waiting to be rescued on the roofs of their houses. Europe's commentators discuss the impact the storm will have on US politics.

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Aamulehti (FI) /

Will Harvey bring the president to his senses?

It would be good if Hurricane Harvey accomplished more than just large-scale destruction, Aamulehti hopes:

“America's southern neighbour Mexico has already offered to help clear up the storm damage. Prompted by more than just politeness, the offer is a clever diplomatic message to Donald Trump, who went as far as posting a tweet during the storm about the wall on the US-Mexico border that Mexico is supposed to pay for. Hopefully the storm will prompt Trump to reflect on two things: the reality of climate change and his absurd obsession with the wall.”

Handelsblatt (DE) /

You can't fire a hurricane

Chalking up a success in crisis management is just what Trump really needs now, Handelsblatt comments:

“After the setbacks with the healthcare reform, the border wall and other election promises, and after the communication fiasco following the deaths of a demonstrator in Charlottesville, Hurricane Harvey is a welcome opportunity for Trump to demonstrate his skills as a statesman. A natural disaster has no political - or human - colour. What counts is a well-coordinated evacuation beforehand and speedy aid in the aftermath. At least Trump recently reduced the influence of right-wing conspiracy theorists in his government: Steve Bannon and his confidante Sebastian Gorka had to go. But you can't fire a hurricane.”