OIC summit: New dynamic in Jerusalem conflict?

In reaction to Trump's Jerusalem decision the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has recognised East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. In the final declaration of the special summit convoked by Turkey's President Erdoğan the OIC calls on the rest of the world to follow its example. Commentators discuss whether the initiative can contribute to a solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Hürriyet (TR) /

The door for negotiations is open

Writing in Hürriyet columnist Murat Yetkin is hopeful about the results of the summit:

“This was perhaps the first time in its entire history that the OIC has sided so resolutely with the Palestinian people while at the same time abiding by the principles of the UN. So will this steadfastness force the US to reverse its decision, or the UN to pass a resolution that runs counter to Israel's interests? I don't think so. It's clear that Trump took this decision for domestic reasons, so he won't go back on it. ... This stance, however, could open the door for a new phase of diplomacy.”

Cumhuriyet (TR) /

Nothing but a PR circus

Cumhuriyet fears that the summit won't produce any results:

“If the heads of all Islamic states without exception had attended the summit there would still be cause to hope that 'Washington could be induced to back-pedal'. But as things stand the summit was nothing more than a PR circus. True, the demands of the concluding statement are shared by diverse international players from the EU to Macron. Unfortunately, however, they can't prevent the tragic capitulation of Palestine. There are historical reasons for this capitulation. One of the most important is of course the lack of cohesion among Muslims. The other is the permanent lobbying of Israel's right, which never loses sight of its ultimate objective.”

La Stampa (IT) /

Erdoğan's coronation

Erdoğan should really be thanking Trump, La Stampa comments cynically:

“Erdoğan's dream of becoming the undisputed champion of Islam and above all a leading figure in the Islamic world is coming true. ... With his decision to recognise the Holy City as the Jewish capital Trump has reignited Erdoğan's ambitions. From that moment on an intense diplomatic exchange began in which within a few hours Erdoğan had conversations with all the leaders of the OIC in order to take the reins. The result: the special summit was convened in Istanbul, the old Ottoman city which is now more at the centre of the political stage in the region. For the Turkish head of state this is a kind of coronation ceremony which is not just pan-Islamic in character but also clearly anti-American.”