Đukanović remains in power in Montenegro

In Montenegro Milo Đukanović, who has been prime minister for many years, has been elected as president. The 56-year-old Đukanović and his party have governed the country for almost 30 years. His pro-European stance and domestic stability have protected him against justified criticism regarding corruption and clientelism, commentators maintain.

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taz, die tageszeitung (DE) /

More democracy needed

The election is a clear vote in favour of Montenegro establishing closer ties with the West, according to the daily paper taz:

“Đukanović deserves credit for freeing this small country with its just under 700,000 inhabitants from the alliance with Serbia and protecting it from the mistakes of Serbian policy. Montenegro is the only state in the western Balkans where no ethnic cleansing has taken place. ... However, Đukanović will only become a great figure in the history of his country if he ensures that accession to the EU paves the way for the true democratisation of society - above all as regards independence of the judiciary. This is what the third-largest force in the country (albeit small in numeric terms) consisting of the parties that oppose Đukanović and of civil society is demanding. It wants to construct a completely Western-oriented state in Montenegro.”

LB.ua (UA) /

West protects predictable allies

The West allows shady and objectionable politicians to do as they please provided they are against Moscow, the website LB is convinced:

“Of course the West is a defender of values. First and foremost, however, it values predictable allies. Consequently, if you want to govern for a long time in the post-socialist world - while maintaining the facade of democracy - you must provide invaluable services to the West. If you do, the West will protect you from activists and opposition figures - and from Moscow - and also turn a blind eye to many misdeeds. If, on the other hand, you misbehave and get it into your head to give Putin a call, everyone will learn without delay that you're a smuggler - and corrupt to boot. So don't do anything stupid. Fight with the West against Moscow's agents.”