Right-wing extremists attack refugees on Lesbos

Right-wing extremists attacked refugees protesting the living conditions in overcrowded hotspots on the Greek island of Lesbos on Sunday night. The resulting street battle lasted into the morning and left several people injured. Greek media conclude that the refugee deal with Ankara has failed and fear that the conflict will escalate.

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Billions of euros for nothing

TVXS examines the reasons behind the violence on Lesbos:

“This most recent crisis is of course mainly the result of a disproportionate rise in the number of refugees Turkey is releasing both at the sea and land borders. The EU, which pays Turkey billions of euros but can't get the problematic EU-Turkey deal under control, bears the responsibility for this. The racist reactions are merely a symptom of a serious problem that Greece and the EU can't come to grips with. In this case it's not about right-wing extremists but about the policies and the wrong decisions that are bolstering such groups.”

To Vima (GR) /

Islands of xenophobia

The violence on Lesbos does not bode well for the future, To Vima Online writes:

“If the government fails to seek a serious and realistic solution to the problem, a wave of racism will sweep over the islands. In the past their inhabitants were known for their solidarity but now they are becoming islands of xenophobia. It's clear that tolerance has reached its limit in many places due to the enduring burden and the feeling of being left in the lurch by the central government. The problem is not easy to deal with, nevertheless tackling it sporadically and only after things have gone badly wrong is no solution. On the one hand prison conditions must be improved, and the islands should no longer be used as camps for lost souls. On the other hand pressure must be exerted on Europe to finally shoulder responsibility.”