A ticking time bomb: Lesbos's overcrowded camp

Aid organisations have denounced catastrophic conditions at Moria camp on the Aegean island of Lesbos. Almost 9,000 people are crammed into the camp, which has capacity for only around 3,300. Doctors Without Borders has reported suicide attempts by minors and the authorities see health and environmental risks at the camp. Greek commentators take the government to task.

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Capital (GR) /

People crammed together like animals

The state of affairs in Moria is a disgrace for Greece, writes the website Capital:

“People crammed together like animals, dirt, crime, a real hell. ... This inhumane sight must not continue. It stigmatises our culture and smears our country's image. Everything points to this situation growing worse instead of improving. And no one knows what this will lead to. The prime minister must tackle the problem and offer solutions. He is responsible for the incompetent ministers and officials, for the monster that his deals [with the EU] have created.”

Ta Nea (GR) /

Government playing deaf and dumb

Ta Nea accuses Tsipras' government and his Syriza party of hypocrisy:

“The inspection of the Directorate of Public Health of the Regional Prefectural Division of Lesvos leaves no room for doubt. The camp is unsuitable in terms of public health and the environment. A ruling party that in the past lost no opportunity to display its sensitivity is now silent and has shut its ears. … Governments have a duty to see and hear. They have an obligation to speak, to account for their deeds, to explain their policies, and to apologise when necessary.”