5G: how dangerous is Huawei?

Next-generation mobile telecommunications promise communication without dead zones and large-scale networking of technical devices, enabling autonomous driving among other things. But if network supplier Huawei develops the 5G network there is the risk that China could misuse this sensitive infrastructure. Observers have qualms about security.

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L'Opinion (FR) /

Close the technological gap

Europeans should develop a strategy for promoting cutting-edge technologies instead of simply denying Huawei access to their markets, L'Opinion urges:

“This is about protection against industrial espionage and ensuring Europe's technological sovereignty. ... Huawei is a step ahead of European producers Nokia and Ericsson, and the company also spurs on competition. Banning Huawei could be disadvantageous if it depriving the European telecommunications sector of innovation and low prices. As in the case of the Siemens-Alstom merger in the railway sector, the Europeans must come up with a plan for catching up technologically and financing research and development in technologies where Europe is leading the way.”

De Volkskrant (NL) /

EU must protect itself against China

The debate about Hauwei highlights Europe's vulnerability, stresses centre-left MEP Marietje Schaake in De Volkskrant:

“National assessments of national security risks and the auctioning of 5G frequencies at the national level while market rules apply internationally play right into China's hands. The EU must remain open to international trade, but it must stop being naive. If 5G is to become a critical infrastructure, every company that offers the technology must fulfil stringent security requirements. ... If we in Europe want to take a clever approach vis-à-vis actors who combine economic, political and strategic power, a number of national taboos will have to be broken.”

Hospodářské noviny (CZ) /

Pompeo's clear message to V4 states

During visits to Budapest, Bratislava and Warsaw, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is warning states about Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and its plans to set up 5G networks in Eastern European countries. The message is clear, Hospodářské noviny concludes, summing it up:

“Our biggest concern is the rise of China. In our view the strategic competition with Beijing will determine US foreign policy. And if it is in your national interest to stand by our side we will continue to fulfil our part of the deal. You needn't worry about your security - or about Russia. That's a clear offer: the alliance with the US has never left you in the lurch. An alliance with China would be an experiment with an unforeseeable outcome. This is an offer from the US that can't be rejected.”