Rammstein in Holocaust garb: going too far?

A video released by the German industrial metal band Rammstein for their new single "Deutschland" has provoked an outcry. It shows four band members wearing what looks like concentration camp uniforms and standing at the gallows. The Central Council of Jews in Germany has rebuked the band for using the Holocaust for marketing. Media outside of Germany are also discussing the video.

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Wiener Zeitung (AT) /

Holocaust not to be exploited for sensationalism

The scenes from the video's promotional clip testify to a complete lack of responsibility, the Wiener Zeitung criticises:

“Fine: in times like these sales are everything, and those who shout the loudest sell the most. But in the face of such a lack of respect one has to wonder how little historical awareness and responsibility a public figure can have. The Holocaust isn't just one historical episode among many that can be used for whatever sensationalist purposes one chooses. This is about more than a few clicks and attracting a bit of attention. Particularly at a time when anti-Semitism threatens to find broad support once more, something like this is simply irresponsible.”

wPolityce.pl (PL) /

Thank you Rammstein!

Rammstein's video is a valuable contribution to the culture of remembrance, wPolityce.pl counters:

“The Germans would prefer to forget the darkest chapter in their history. ... Some people, however, refuse to let the wars and the industrial-scale killing be forgotten, for example the band Rammstein. ... Art should provoke. Rammstein's music video Deutschland doesn't just provoke, however. It's a work with which history classes at German schools could begin. There can be no doubt: this is Rammstein's contribution to history, a work of rock music that forces people to think. A dynamic, well-made, at times brutal video which demands attention and teaches listeners to view their nation's past with a critical eye. So thank you Rammstein.”