TV duel over who will succeed May

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the two last remaining candidates in the contest to succeed Theresa May. In a TV debate Hunt accused Johnson of showing 'blind optimism' with respect to Brexit. Johnson countered by saying his rival wanted to delay leaving the EU. How will the debate effect the decision of the 160,000 members of the Tory party?

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The Guardian (GB) /

Johnson has shown his incompetence

Despite his shocking performance in the TV debate Boris Johnson will probably be elected by the Tory party membership, The Guardian laments:

“We can’t now say we haven’t been warned about what a Johnson premiership will involve. On the contrary. His statements and his silences told the story unambiguously. .... The smirks, the smugness, the self-love, the bluster and the hyperbole told us that Britain is about to be landed with the most ill-qualified and most insouciant prime minister in modern times. He may not last long in office, which would be a relief for a damaged country. But none of this is going to make any difference to the result [of the Tory vote].”

Lidové noviny (CZ) /

Hunt hasn't lost yet

There is any indications that Jeremy Hunt doesn’t stand a chance in the contest for leader of the Tory party, but Lidové noviny believes such predictions are premature:

“Hunt is the last hope of those Conservatives who voted to remain in the EU. Not that Hunt would advocate a new referendum as Labour does. But he has repeatedly emphasised that the risks of a hard Brexit should not be underestimated. If in the autumn there were still no sign of a new agreement being concluded with the EU, then he would be prepared not to leave the Union on 31 October. As a former businessman he is guided by the Conservatives' motto that trade must be the first priority. ... There are still two weeks to go before the Tory vote. To write off Hunt at this point seems premature.”