Homeopathy to be paid for privately in France

France is moving to abolish funding from statutory health insurance for homeopathic remedies such as globuli by 2021 in a step by step approach. The reason: according to the French health authorities, there is insufficient scientific evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy. Is this the right way to go?

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Les Echos (FR) /

War declared on placebo humbug at last

Les Echos is relieved:

“We live in the placebo age. For something to work, all you need to do is believe in it. This effect is already widespread in all areas of life. ... In our society of delusions with its popular conspiracy theories about Big Pharma and the state, people have stopped getting vaccinated and many are turning to voodoo medicine. Assumptions, rumours and mistrust of the state are putting public health at risk. It was essential for a minister who believes in science to put an end to growing charlatanry and witches of all kinds and to remind people what scientific medicine is based on: namely evidence.”

Frankfurter Rundschau (DE) /

Patients should pay for homeopathic remedies

It's about time Germany took a similar step to the approach in France, says the Frankfurter Rundschau:

“It is unacceptable that patients with statutory health insurance are forced to pay, via their premiums, for drugs that are ineffective. Homeopathy thus has a special status that cannot be justified. The efficacy of other pharmaceutical compounds is constantly reviewed, and in case of doubt, they are excluded from the benefits covered by statutory health insurance. It would make more sense to spend that money on other benefits. People who want to take homeopathic remedies can continue to do so - but then pay for them themselves.”