How is the Estonian government faring?

The coalition of the Centre Party, the nationalist Ekre and the conservative Isamaa has been in power for 100 days. Estonian commentators are far from satisfied with their performance so far.

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Õhtuleht (EE) /

Nothing achieved but cheap booze

The coalition has taken nothing but tiny steps, gripes Õhtuleht:

“The only visible change so far are the tax cuts on alcohol, which means Finns are buying more in Estonia again and some Estonians have stopped going on vodka trips to Latvia. Sadly the achievements at the hundred-day mark are a mere fig leaf covering the empty campaign promises: the Centre Party promise to raise pensions was immediately thrust into uncertainty when it emerged that the financial situation is poor; Isamaa's generous plans to reform pensions have also disappeared into limbo. Not to mention the money promised for science and the wage increase for teachers.”

Postimees (EE) /

Start-up scene suffering

Estonia, which has always had a reputation as a star pupil in matters of digitalisation and start-up culture, has changed, laments start-up entrepreneur Allan Martinson in Postimees:

“I don't know a single entrepreneur who would say that all is well with this government. Their comments range from 'catastrophic' to 'we're surviving somehow'. It's clear that everything we've built up won't be destroyed in 100 days, but if things go on like this it just might happen. Foreigners - partners, customers, investors and employees - are asking questions and are worried. You can deliver endless explanations but certain things don't gel with the culture one associates with a forward-looking nation. Which Estonia has been until now. Talented people have been keeping away from Hungary for a long time now.”