Ludovic Orban to become Romania's new PM

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has tasked the former opposition leader of the conservative-liberal PNL, Ludovic Orban,with forming a government after the social democratic government led by Viorica Dăncilă was toppled by a no-confidence vote. Orban must now present parliament with a new cabinet within the next ten days. Commentators discuss what steps he should take.

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Revista 22 (RO) /

Just a temporary measure

The citizens should be informed that this will only be a transitional government, writes the weekly Revista 22:

“Orban and Iohannis must call a spade a spade right from the start: they must say that this is a cabinet for the transition period [until the parliamentary elections in autumn 2020] that has no majority in parliament (or only a fragile and sporadic one) and which is only allowed to take a limited number of measures, will not carry out any reforms and has no plans to repair the 'evil' that the PSD has done. ... Good communication is also needed, as well as the renunciation of nepotism and similar 'traditional' methods. Competent people are also required in key ministries, of which finance, economic affairs, justice, health and education are the most important.” (RO) /

No more idiots in the cabinet, please!

The potential new prime minister's first test will be to propose capable ministers, writes:

“Now that Ludovic Orban's name is being put forward as prime minister we must assume that his intentions are good. Nevertheless he should also understand that no one will forgive him any slip-ups. Any mistakes he makes will cost his PNL party votes in 2020. The prime minister designate's first test will be to put together an idiot-free government. The people have had enough of greedy, cheating governments and would never forgive Ludovic Orban if he continued this fateful 'tradition'.”