MicroMega is a magazine that covers culture, politics, science, and philosophy. Founded in March 1986, this media outlet is directed by Paolo Flores d'Arcais, published by GEDI Gruppo Editoriale and collaborates with La Repubblica. Originally provided with the subtitle "Leftist Reasoning", the magazine has abandoned this subtitle and instead assigned a thematic subtitle to each issue. In doing so, it aims to underline its affiliation to "a left that is openly heretical and radically free from party affiliation" and to be a "tool for thinking and change against the prevailing conformisms". In March 2013, MicroMega launched a petition demanding that Silvio Berlusconi be declared ineligible to be voted for, referencing Law 361, which punishes conflicts of interest.

Circulation 15,000 (2029)
Frequency of publication Every two months
Area of distribution Nationwide
Email redazione@ micromega.net
Twitter @_MicroMega_